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Ocean Master Celebrates 40 Years of Boatbuilding

In 1975, Charlie Modica built his first 31' center console. 40 years later, the company he founded—Ocean Master—celebrates its proud history and numerous achievements, as it moves into the future.


Mark and Bonnie Hauptner celebrate 40 years of building boats at Ocean Master

Mark & Bonnie Hauptner celebrate 40 years building boats


A competitive boat racer since an early age, Hauptner didn't back down when people scoffed at the idea of a large, overbuilt, outboard-powered center console. When the now legendary 31 CC hit the water, it forever changed how the marine industry would view open sportfish boats.


His pioneering days didn't end back then, nor did his fervor to design and build for real-world offshore conditions. Ocean Master continues its tradition of innovation and use of the most advanced technologies to produce seaworthy semi-custom boats of power, speed and fishability.


Recently, the company moved its headquarters to a larger, more efficient location in Stuart, Florida. The additional space will accommodate the company's long-term strategy to expand its line into larger models.


"I was proud of that first boat I built and still am today," said Hauptner. "But when looking at what we produce today, and the positive feedback we receive from our customers, I know Ocean Master is moving in the right direction."

Cormorano Survives the Storm

True story. One of our 31's spent 3 days getting beat up in a nasty storm in Italy - note the waves washing over the seawall. The vessel, named the Cormorano, was literally pushed under water by larger boats nearby that landed on top of it. You can't see the Cormorano in the photo because it was underneath a couple of boats that broke loose. The Cormorano took three days of relentless beating by the storm and other boats being thrown on top of it...repeatedly.


Now we're not gonna tell you it came out of the storm looking pristine. It didn't. But when the owner had it re-floated her goal was just to salvage something from the boat as a keepsake. No one thought there would be anything more than bits and pieces of the boat left - many vessels nearby were complete losses.


But amazingly, when the Cormorano was rescued she was repairable. And above are the pics to prove it. Obviously the Cormorano has a great owner!

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