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1,017 pound marlin caught on Ocean Master 27 center console boat

We run our Ocean Masters day in and day out year round - their reliability has been excellent! Our business depends on them and we couldn't be happier.

Fleet Manager - Pesca Panama


We routinely faced 18 - 20 foot seas in our Ocean Master 31' off the coast of Africa – we had other boats but we sold them all and kept the Ocean Master.

US Naval Officer


We managed to land a blue marlin in 12 foot seas. During these conditions it is very comforting to know this boat is so strongly built and well engineered.

Ocean Master Owner


Ocean Master 336 center console boat

It is, as we say down here in Lousiana, it's HELL FOR STOUT!

31' Owner


I have been around boats my entire life and have pretty much fished them all – but nothing comes close to my 31'.

31' Owner


31 center console Ocean Master fishing well offshore in the Gulf of Mexico

I bought my Ocean Master when it was 18 years old. It’s still a better boat than anything else on the market brand new. I ought to know. Of the 14 boats I had before the Ocean Master, 2 of them I bought brand new with “lifetime” warranties, and the company folded before the warranty ink was dry on the paper. When other boats are becoming non-serviceable from age and offshore abuse, you just re-paint your Ocean Master and go again. My boat is on its third trailer and fourth set of engines. You can’t kill it!

Nathan C. - Even Keel


During the 96 hurricane the boat went onto the rocks in Essex. The hull did not fail. When I offered to purchase a new boat both my sons said no. We re-powered to keep peace in the family.

27' Owner


After running million-dollar-plus beauties, it’s my 1990 31-foot Ocean Master Walkaround Sportfisherman that gives me the greatest thrill.

Capt. Patrick Sciacca

Power & Motoryacht Magazine


31 center console Ocean Master with masive tuna caught in the northeast canyons

I own a 1977 31 Ocean Master. During our restoration project we found that the structure was in better shape than many other boats 20 years newer than mine, built by other supposedly top names in the business. Thanks for not taking shortcuts!

Bob W.

31' Center Console


Hey Mark-

Thought you might like to see my friend Jed and I loading this 450 lb. bluefin in the boat this summer.

Steve H. - 31' Owner


27 Ocean Master Center Console in the Florida Keys

You aren’t paying for a name or advertising. Why pay for all those full page ads and tournament dollars being spent. Now look at the construction when you start digging on the Contender or Bluewater or Regulator type boats you will see that OM is just a better boat in the construction method and materials, MUCH Better.  Go to their plant!  Then I wanted a semi-custom boat that I could build out my way!  You can’t do that with other boats. It's not a cookie cutter yuppie boat. It has beautiful lines that most boats just don’t have!

Doug B

“Karma” - 27 Ocean Master


I was in the Indian Ocean last week visiting Diego Garcia where the Navy has two 31-foot beauties sporting twin Merc 250s. I had never seen or heard of Ocean Master before this time as the name isn't plastered down the side as on most boats. I made it my business to find out what this masterpiece was, as it performed as I would have wanted it to. This ride was a great experience

Tom T.

Diego Garcia


We run our Ocean Masters day in and day out year round - their reliability has been excellent! Our business depends on them and we couldn't be happier.

Fleet Manager - Pesca Panama


336 Center Console Ocean Master Boat sea trailing off Port Everglades in rough seas.

"The new boat is running mack daddy,  57 mph with the new top on in 3 to 5 foot seas. Nobody could touch us when we were out there."

Ocean Master 336 Owner


On Saturday we knew that a large big-eye tuna had already been landed so we had our work cut out for us. We decided to run to the Hudson canyon – 70 miles from Fire Island inlet. It was give and take for over an hour but we finally sunk the gaff in what turned out to be the first place fish – a 178 lb big-eye tuna! In the end our tuna held on to first place. Amazingly enough, second place in the tournament went to another Ocean Master 31!

Bruce T.

“Snapper”- 31' Center Console


It's one of the few things I've bought in life that I've appreciated more and more as time went on. I bought this boat 3 years ago and for me, I appreciate it more and more every day. The cycle of wanting bigger and better has gone. "

John D.

"Even Odds" - 31' Center Console


During the past five years we were in Bahamian waters for 206 days during which our traveling and trolling added up to about 12,000 miles. The return trip to The States from the Bahamas this year was a real adventure due to the weather. We made the two day, 350 mile, return trip through 8 foot seas. We’re proud of our boat and the times spent with my sons are priceless.

John S.

“Brass Ring” - 31' Center Console


We were 116 nautical miles offshore, when a tropical depression had formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Seas increased to 12 - 15 feet, winds exceeded 80 knots according to the people who were on the rig we pulled in behind. We kept the nose into the seas for 5 to 6 hours, till it was safe to head back into Galveston. The storm had moved a little giving us a beam sea to ride back in. We went straight in at 24 knots. I am often asked when am I going to get another boat and I just grin at them and ask WHY?


Twenty year old Ocean Master Center Console boat fishing well over 100 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico

The boat is coming up on 20 years age, 10 years of that were very hard fishing years and I can tell you, looking at the boat you would never guess its age. Almost all of our trips were 100 or more nautical miles. We run at night to the fishing grounds and never fear sinking the boat or any other surprises. Even at age 56 when everyone is getting more "COMFORTABLE" boats the only thing I would trade the 31 for is a 34 Ocean Master, maybe, and I have fished a lot of boats.

Sonny M.

31' Center Console


We had to travel over 100 miles during a tropical depression – on the entire trip we saw only 3 other boats, all were much larger commercial fisherman.

27' Owner


27 Ocean Master Ocean Skiff boat

While fishing in the islands we ran into a bad tropical storm. The waves got so big that one broke over the tower and shorted out the VHF. Somehow the boat managed to get us through safe and sound – I don’t think any other 27' boat would have survived what we did.

27' Owner


My 27 is the most rugged and overbuilt boat I have ever been on, and I’ve owned them all – Mako, Grady White, Boston Whaler.

27' owner


As a work boat it is stable and can handle 18 – 20 foot seas and 6 – 8 inshore when salvaging and towing.

31' Owner - Commercial Operator


28 year old Ocean Master 31 center console being used by the marine police.

Our boat is 1986 Ocean Master 31. She started out her life on the other side of the law being used to transport "goods" between the Bahamas and the Mainland. Seized by customs in the late eighties, they used her as a patrol boat for several years around the Caribbean. They had a fourth fuel tank added to extend the range - The vessel holds just shy of one thousand gallons! After Customs the boat was transferred over to the U.S. Navy and stationed in Cape Canaveral as a missile recovery vessel. After about five years with the Navy I was able to get her and with a government grant and get her re-powered with Yamaha 300 HPDIs. She serves in the fleet of a Port security task force in Charleston called SeaHawk under the U.S. Justice department and even though she is the oldest vessel in the fleet she is still considered the "Flagship".

Cpl. Joe M.

North Charleston Police Department - 31' Center Console


I fish the Louisiana coast and at times we may have to run eight or ten miles to good fishing conditions, other times, we run 100 miles for fishable conditions.  The Ocean Master has proved to be exceptionally economical in cruising these distances. The boat’s strength and sea worthiness is incomparable.  One of the most dramatic demonstrations of this boat’s ability occurred during the Labor Day weekend in 1988 at Port Eads, Louisiana.  During a scheduled tournament for the New Orleans Big Game Club, a tropical depression was battering the Louisiana Coast approximately 50 miles west of Port Eads.  Because of generally poor weather conditions, only four boats showed up for the tournament, two 53 footers, a 54 footer, and my 34 foot Ocean Master.


As these four vessels started down the Mississippi River and encountered the waters over the sand bar the bigger boats decided the battering was not worth it and turned around to return to Port Eades.  Although we had to run the Ocean Master slow, there was really no difficulty in going out through these conditions and although the ride was wild, I felt confident the whole time the boat was in complete control of its situation.  As fate would have it, we managed to hook a blue marlin in these 12 foot seas and the walk around version of the Ocean Master permitted exceptionally good maneuverability in bad conditions in order to bring the fish to the boat.


During these conditions, one is very comforted to know this boat is so strongly built and engineered.

Richard L.

34' Center Console


I have been very impressed with the dryness and comfortable ride they have provided us in some very large seas.

Brien H.

US Navy - Diego Garcia


Recently we had the Morgan Too in Panama to fish the Hannibal Banks...During one brutally rough inlet crossing we had three waves break over the boat and wash off the back of the half tower, the boat did not hesitate to punch through this monsters.  Every trip we take is just as abusive as the one I wrote about above.  This is the most seaworthy tender and boat I have ever had in the 30’ foot range. Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful, practical and safe boat.

Capt. Mark D.

“Morgan Too”


It is amazing how many hours are put on the boats and how well they look after years of abuse.  They are not pampered in any way.  I know of one instance where one was swept onto the beach upside down and simply rolled over and towed back out after the weather died down.

Daniel W.

US Merchant Marine - Diego Garcia


Guy Harvey fishing on an Ocean Master 27 Center Console - landing large tuna

Weather wise it was pretty sloppy and the boat just ate up the seas!  It was an honest 8-10’ with an occasional 12’ thrown in and going into a head sea the boat performed damn near flawlessly!  I was so impressed with this boat to the point that once I get back to the states I am definitely going to look into purchasing one of these great boats!

Ben S.

US Navy - Diego Garcia


These were some of the roughest waters at times, but the fishing is unreal. The 31’ handled extremely well in some seas that I couldn’t even tell you how high they were because I had my eyes closed.

Brian L.

US Navy – Diego Garcia


We bought the boat from original 20 months ago and have logged 7000+ hours.  The boat is phenomenal.  Our 15 year old son fishes for sails, swords and takes out a lot of people that are always impressed with the quality of the Ocean Master.

Peter I.


This boat is a dream come true for me. You should hear all the compliments I get on this boat here in Louisiana. People have never seen anything like it around here and it really burns a lot of heads!  It’s like having a really nice Ferrari in a small town!

Byron B.

31' Center Console


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to show Charlie and I around your shop.  I really enjoyed the tour and found out a lot about my boat.  As I told you, mine is a 1995 31’ named “Satisfaction” and that says it all.

Louis M.

"Satisfaction" - 31' Center Console


I am real impressed with your companies of doing business, and your kind offer to contact Mr. Hauptner direct.  This shows me that Mr. Hauptner, and his staff are top notch professionals. It gives me great pleasure to find another owner that doesn’t forget we are all in the service business, and that he would take the time to talk with me direct. FYI I took this 31 out yesterday on a sea trial, even though this boat is not new by any means I was very impressed with your companies detail to many things, that you state on your web page, the wiring, and rigging, was top notch the boat felt solid in 3 to 4 ft chop and for the age on the boat felt tight, in other words it is a well built boat.

Oscar F.


The boat performs well for offshore fishing, whether it’s 25 miles out at Monster Ledge or 80 miles at the Hudson Canyon.  It’s also used for fishing the shallow bays from the Manasquan Inlet to the Barnegat Light Inlet. Awesome ride!  It impressed a lot of fishing buddies on some pretty nasty trips.  Even launching off big seas it still lands soft and solid.  Plus I get plenty of looks and compliments from passersby about the boat.

Mike T.

27' H Center Console


I just have to tell you that I am so excited about the boat.  I already said that this is a lot of money for me and that I am not one of those guys that comes and drops the cash down without thinking anything of it.  I have worked so hard over the years and this will be the first boat in my life that I have bought “NEW”!  I have owned maybe 30 boats since I was a kid.  After waiting 45 years to choose a new boat, Ocean Master has been my Dream boat for about 20 of those years.  Thanks for helping one of my dreams come true.

Ocean Skiff 27'


I have just purchased my second 31.  It is a 1994 w/twin 250 Yamahas.  I bought the boat from its original owner who kept it on Nantucket.  I will use her at the Cape also.  I have owned 25 boats in 30 years and nothing compares.

Bill S.

31' Center Console


Thanks for all the help refitting our 31’! The information and guidance you have offered in regard to the restoration of our 20 year old boat has been outstanding. It shows your dedication to not only new projects, but to the continued satisfaction of all previous owners of Ocean Masters.  In a time when the main focus of most manufactures is to push as many vessels out of the factory as quickly as possible, it is a pleasure to be in contact with someone who believes in the product her produces even more the happiness of his customers. I have owned two 31’ Ocean Master vessels and though the current vessel is in need of some cosmetic repairs, the hull is as dependable today as the day it was pulled from the mold.  I am sure this will be the last center console vessel I purchase and I am certain that my 11 year old son with enjoy using it with his children.

Vincent M.

31' Center Console


Not until after running my new Ocean Master “Reel Screamer Too” around to Bradenton did I realize just how happy I’m going to be with her. The construction is definitely overbuilt resulting in the softest, most comfortable, dry ride I’ve ever felt on a vessel of her size.  I know I’m going to have years of joy out with her fishing the loop in the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you for taking the time to construct such a marvelous vessel.

Scott R.

"Reel Screamer" - Center Console


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