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We offer a full line of commercial, dive, military and rescue vessels. As a semi-custom builder, we can can design and rig the exact boat for your needs. Our vessels are used in commercial applications around the globe - from the Indian Ocean to South America and throughout the Caribbean. We've even developed unmanned robotic vessels for military applications!


For specific applications and commercial/military inquiries, please call and ask for Charlie Modica, President of Ocean Master, at 772-210-2554.

"When storms or dangerous lake conditions exist, other boats head for shore, but often the Patrol does not have that luxury, answering calls for help in the toughest of conditions…and the Ocean Master can handle anything the lake might throw at it.  Its custom-designed removable transom makes it easier to retrieve patients from the water, and its open layout design allows for easy crew movement bow to stern.  All in all, this boat is a true asset to the lake community."

Water Safety Patrol - Lake Geneva



“We had to travel over 100 miles during a tropical depression – on the entire trip we saw only 3 other boats, all were much larger commercial fisherman."

"While fishing in the islands we ran into a bad tropical storm. The waves got so big that one broke over the tower and shorted out the VHF. Somehow the boat managed to get us through safe and sound – I don’t think any other 27' boat would have survived what we did."

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