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What We Don't Do

At Ocean Master we don’t sell hundreds of boats each year. Never have, never will. Since 1975 our philosophy has remained constant, to build a limited number of semi-custom boats for the world’s most discriminating yachtsmen. Because of this we’re not slaves to the latest marketing fads. We don’t reduce the amount of fiberglass in our boats to make them lighter. We don’t put a thin strip of Kevlar® in our hulls and then shout to the world “Kevlar Boat!” We don’t sponsor fishing teams or give boats to pros to fish. We don’t load our boats with useless gimmicks that sound great in magazine articles but make no sense offshore.


Our owners know the difference between advertising hype and reality. After all, many of them routinely fish our boats over 100 miles from shore. I invite you to sea-trial an Ocean Master for yourself. You’ll quickly understand why our boats have an unmatched reputation for rugged seaworthiness.


At Ocean Master we build boats the way they used to be built - marketing fads be damned.

Amazing Customer Satisfaction

When we surveyed our owners, we found that the average Ocean Master owner has been boating for 25 years and has owned 6 boats. And when asked to rate their Ocean Masters on a scale from 1 to 10, the average was 9.4!

One Man Finds "The Perfect Boat"

I was aware of positive and negatives that go with the experience buying a boat. This time around I wasn’t going to buy just another fishing boat. I’d buy “the” boat and have it for at least the next ten years.


I wasn’t in any hurry. I searched and researched as if on a scientific quest. I looked at dozens upon dozens of different boat models, manufacturers, hull configurations and options. My search took me about six months and approximately 3,000 miles of driving time. Some boats I spent hours looking at, testing and evaluating. I remember one boat in particular – I drove close to three hours to look at and when I arrived I took one glance at the boat and said “nope” and left to drive home. My standards have always been high with regard to boats. I was looking for “THE” boat not just another boat.


Although OM makes several models from 18 to 33-feet, I found that the 31-foot Super Console perfect for my use. There’s a raised deck in the bow for casting a fly line, a stand up head in the console, live well and plenty of room for rigged rods. With the length and beam I can comfortably fish four anglers and more importantly, I can have four anglers with fish on comfortably fighting their fish without worrying about them tangling.


Ocean Masters are the toughest, smoothest riding fishing boat in their class I was lucky to have found one of these vessels in a barely used condition. They’re rarely found in the market. Why? Simple, those who own an OM never have a reason to sell it. In my opinion they are the toughest, smoothest riding fishing boat in their class.

Grant Gisondo

FlyLife Magazine



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