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Bullet-Proof Tough

Would They Really Stop a Bullet?

It seems as if every month another boat builder announces the use of some new space age material or construction technique that makes their boats “bullet-proof”. But we wonder, what would happen if you actually fired a weapon into them - would they really stop a bullet?


An Ocean Master Will

At Ocean Master we know the answer to this question. Way back in 1975, we fired a large caliber weapon at the hull of our 31 center console. The Ocean Master 31 hull stopped the bullet dead in its tracks. We recently performed this test on the hull of the new 27. This time we shot it with a 9 millimeter handgun at point blank range (6 feet) and again it stopped the bullet!


When We Say Bullet-Proof, We Mean It

When we say Ocean Masters are bullet-proof, we mean it. But this is really no surprise to us. Our 27 foot hull is completely overbuilt with multiple layers of fiberglass, the 31 has even more. At Ocean Master we build boats the way they used to be built – with the highest quality fiberglass and lots of it.


Which is why our hulls have survived collisions with riverboat barges, rock jetties, reefs and the occasional Bahamian island.


Awhile back one of our boats was being used by an un-named US agency, think 3 letter acronyms, and the location was "somewhere in the islands".  All we know for certain is that there was an "incident" between  the Ocean Master and a small Bahamian Island. Apparently the boat was run onto the island at very, very high speed. When the situation had calmed down the boat was rolled off the island on logs and had suffered no major damage.

Unmanned and Adrift for 4 Days!

One of our owners uses his Ocean Master 31 as a tender to his big yacht - a 100+ foot vessel. This big yacht spends much of the year in charter so the Ocean Master tender gets its fair share of hard use. But this time it was really put to the test.


While being towed behind the big yacht in 10-12 foot seas well offshore, the Ocean Master broke loose (it was later found out the tow eye snapped). Unfortunately, the crew of the big yacht had their hands full just navigating the primary yacht in the storm and the disappearance of the Ocean Master was not noticed until it was too late. They lost track of it in the big seas.


After being adrift at sea, UN-MANNED, for 4 days in a rough storm and then washing up on the beach, the Ocean Master hulled suffered no real damage! The boat was towed home and touched up and is now back on the water. The only lasting damage was a big dent...in the beach.

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