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My Ocean Master - You Can't Kill it!

When other boats are becoming non-serviceable from age and offshore abuse, you just re-paint your Ocean Master and go again.  My boat is on its third trailer and fourth set of engines.  It's been sunk at the dock by a storm once and run aground more than once.  You can’t kill it.  I even accidentally dragged it into a huge pole at a service station while on the trailer –-and dented the pole! Read Full Story

116 Miles Offshore in a Tropical Depression With 12-15 foot Seas

"We were 116 nautical miles offshore, the weather that morning was clear, water was slick calm. You could have ran buoys with a tournament ski boat it was that calm.


About 4 hours after sunrise a few clouds appeared. About an hour later all hell was breaking loose. A tropical depression had formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Seas went to 12 - 15 feet, winds exceeded 80 knots according to the people who were on the rig we pulled in behind."  Read Full Story

"Hey Mark-

Thought you might like to see my friend Jed and I loading this 450 lb. bluefin in the boat this summer.


Steve H.

Ocean Master 31

The Best Put Together Hull We Have Ever Had in the Yard.

That is the best put together hull we have ever had in the yard...It is an absolute beast....I know by the design of the hull and what we have seen of it you are going to be pleased, especially when you get into some bad stuff offshore.  Read Full Story

41 Years and Still Kicking

The very first Ocean Master boat back in 1974, hull number one! This boat was the birth of Ocean Master Boats. And yes, the boat is still out there, the current owner actually contacted us about getting some new decals.

Mustang Sally - 1988 Ocean Master Still Running Strong

Just received this photo from one of our customers, Mustang Sally, a 1988 Ocean Master 31 after restoration and re-power. Beautiful job!

Unmanned and Adrift for 4 Days in 12-ft Seas - Washes up on the Beach

After being adrift at sea, unmanned, for 4 days in a rough storm and then washing up on the beach, the Ocean Master hull suffered no serious damage. Sure she was a bit dirty and had a lot of sand on her, but structurally she was seaworthy. The boat was towed home and touched up and is now back on the water. The only lasting damage was a big dent - in the beach.  Read Full Story

137 Nautical Miles Offshore on a 20 Year Old Ocean Master

Dear Ocean Master-

Just another trip on the 20 year old piece of fiberglass. This rig sits 137.7 Nautical Mile off the end of the Galveston Jetties (way out in the Gulf of Mexico). Twin 250 Suzuki 4 stroke --- fuel burn 264.2 gallons on a 300 nautical miles trip. Speed of 28/30 knots. Thanks for the craftsmanship!


Sonny M

Cormorano Survives the Storm

One of our 31's spent 3 days getting beat up in a nasty storm in Italy - note the waves washing over the seawall. The vessel, named the Cormorano, was literally pushed under water by larger boats nearby that landed on top of it. You can't see the Cormorano in the photo because it was underneath a couple of boats that broke loose. The Cormorano took three days of relentless beating by the storm and other boats being thrown on top of it...repeatedly. Read Full Story

12,000 Miles Cruising and Fishing the Bahamas

The return trip to The States from the Bahamas this year was a real adventure due to the weather. On departure the weather was terrible!...20 foot seas and 40 knot winds. It took five days for the seas to subside from unsafe to uncomfortable and I finally made the two day, 350 mile, return trip plowing through 8 foot seas. Read Full Story

Even the US Navy Fishes on Ocean Master

Operating in the treacherous waters of the Indian Ocean, much of the time in 8' to 10' close coupled waves, the Ocean Masters used by the US Navy at Diego Garcia have just surpassed 300,000 miles of use. This means that each boat has traveled the equivalent of 12 times around the world.  Read Full Story

336 Sea Trialed & Running Strong in Rough Seas

Today we sea-trialed the new 336 Center Console. Expectations were high for the new model and everyone was pleased. Conditions were quite lumpy offshore and quite nasty in the inlet.  Read Full Story

How One Man Found the Perfect Fishing Boat

I was lucky to have found one of these vessels in a barely used condition. They’re rarely found in the market. Why? Simple, those who own an OM never have a reason to sell it. In my opinion they are the toughest, smoothest riding fishing boat in their class. This time around I wasn’t going to buy just another fishing boat. I’d buy “the” boat and have it for at least the next ten years. Read Full Story

How NOT to Read Tide Tables

Came across this old shot - one of our owners in Louisiana. He misjudged the tide a little and had a spend a few hours waiting for it to come back in. He joked at the time that he was just testing his 31 out to see how it would do as a flats boat. Not so good, apparently. No harm, no foul. Tide came back things were fine. No damage to the boat.

1,017 Pound Marlin Landed on a 27 Ocean Master Boat

The world famous Pesca Panama lodge in Costa Rica employs a fleet of Ocean Master 27's with twin outboards. These boats are run day in and day out, year round. This is fishing at it's finest, enough to make us want to hop on plane and fly down asap. According to their fleet manager, "We run our Ocean Masters day in and day out year round - their reliability has been excellent! Our business depends on them and we couldn't be happier."  Pesca Panama website

Yeah, We Build Them Tough

Dear Ocean Master

Our patrol boat is 1986 Ocean Master 31. As I understand it, she started out her life on the other side of the law being used to transport "goods" between the Bahamas and the Mainland (here in South Florida, the drug smuggling business is sometimes referred to pharmaceutical "import/export business". She serves in the fleet of a Port security task force in Charleston called SeaHawk under the U.S. Justice department and even though she is the oldest vessel in the fleet she is still considered the "Flagship".  Read Full Story

World Famous Guy Harvey Fishing on an Ocean Master

After 17 Years It Was Time to Add a Second Ocean Master

One of our owners recently inquired about a new Ocean Master 31 to replace his current boat, a 1991 model that had served him well. But he couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of his original boat (the Katanga I) so he decided instead to add a second Ocean Master, the Katanga II. The Kantanga II is a 2006 model that has just undergone a refit. Both boats now are now in the faithful service of their owner and he expects many more years more out of both of them.

Somewhere in the Florida Keys a Future Owner Fishes on Her Ocean Master 27'

"Their seaworthiness has made them legendary."

Florida Sportfishing Magazine


"The Original is Often the Best"

Saltwater Sportsman


"In many East Coast fishermen’s eyes, Ocean Masters are the ultimate fishing machines."

Sea Magazine


"Many industry professionals consider them to be among the best-riding fishing boats on the market"

PowerBoat Guide


"Well Known For Their Rugged Performance"



"Ocean Masters are known for their strength and durability."

Motor Boating Magazine


"It is, in a word, overbuilt."

Southern Boating


"After running million-dollar-plus beauties, it’s my 1990 31-foot Ocean Master Walkaround Sportfisherman, that gives me the greatest thrill"

Power & Motoryacht


"Fishermen want a boat that’s built like a battleship and is easy to maintain. Ocean Master got its start in 1974 building that type of boat"



"No-nonsense Design and Legendary Construction"

Saltwater Sportsman


"These boats have a well-known reputation for being seriously overbuilt"

PowerBoat Guide


"Its design was perfect, allowing it to remain in production to this day"

Millionaire Magazine


"Immense Strength and Inherent Seaworthiness"

Big Game Fishing Journal


"A Pioneer of Outboard Fishing Machines"

Soundings Magazine


"A Truly Tough Son-of-the-Sea"

Boating Magazine


"A Boat for the Hardcore Fisherman"

Saltwater Sportsman


"For years, Ocean Master has built tough-as-nails offshore fishing boats."

Sportfishing Magazine


"You’ve probably heard of Ocean Master’s build-it-like-a-tank offshore line of boats"

Boating Magazine

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