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At Ocean Master, "bullet-proof" means just that. Ocean Master hulls are so overbuilt they will easily stop a large caliber bullet fired at point blank range. This was true of the first hull back in 1974 and is still true of the very latest hull being built. By the way, that first 31’ from 1975 is still going strong.


But this is only one part of the story. Our philosophy is to overbuild our boats in every way possible. We use the highest quality materials and only proven construction techniques.

It all starts with the hull. Every Ocean Master is 100% hand laid to achieve optimum strength. Depending on the model, we use either 14 or 20 layers of Nytex biaxial and stitched 2415 fiberglass. We know of no other manufacturer who uses this much fiberglass in their hulls. In addition, we employ top quality vinylester resins and NPG gelcoats to stand up to years of hard use.

Amazing Customer Satisfaction

When we surveyed our owners, we found that the average Ocean Master owner has been boating for 25 years and has owned 6 boats. And when asked to rate their Ocean Masters on a scale from 1 to 10, the average was 9.4!

Our stringer system is equally impressive. We use massive, full height, all fiberglass stringers. These stringers are completely fiberglassed into the hull making a truly one piece structure. This is much more time consuming and expensive than simply tabbing the stringers into place.


The innerliner deck of each Ocean Master is fully vacuum bagged with vinylester compound to ensure a complete bond between the fiberglass and core material. This produces a deck that is very strong and incredibly stiff. When you walk on an Ocean Master deck, you notice it immediately.


The innerliner deck is then bonded to the sides of the hull and the stringer system using premium vinylester bonding compound. The console is then attached to the deck using state of the art methacrylate adhesive (as opposed to just screwing it down).


The end result is a massive, rock-solid hull that is arguably the strongest on the market. Some call this overkill. But when you’re 100+ miles from shore and the seas kick up, we think you’ll agree that it is the ONLY way to build a sportfishing boat.

Got Marlin?



Ambush II, a 31-foot Ocean Master, lands a monster marlin while fishing the Atlantis Canyon well over 100 miles offshore in the North Atlantic. Although based in South Florida, Ocean Master boats are popular in the northeast for their rugged construction and ultimate seaworthiness.



Sushi For Everyone!

Hey Mark-

Thought you might like to see my friend Jed and I loading this 450 lb. bluefin in the boat this summer.

Steve H.

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